Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pre-wedding gala concert

13 May 2004

The culmination of the pre-wedding festivities was the gala concert at den konglige teater in Copenhagen. Mary appeared for the second time with the ruby parure in all its glory and in a red gown inspired on one of queen Ingrid's gowns. It was designed by Uffe Frank.

The glamorous evening was broadcast live on Danish TV2.

The gala concert was attended by the wedding guests, among them the Donaldson family and a great  number of royal guests. A dinner was offered to them afterwards by princess Benedikte on board the Dannebrog.

John Donaldson & Susan Moody

Jane Stephens, Patricia Bailey and their daughters.

Amber Petty.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Official reception at Parliament

13 May 2004

A day before the wedding Mary Donaldson, crown prince Frederik and their families attended an official reception at the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen.

Mary wore a new suit designed by Uffe Frank, and executed by Birgit Hallstein.

 Under huge media attention Mary's hat blew off...


Speeches were given. The Parliament gave the couple a dining table as wedding present.

The final rehearsal

13 May 2004

D-1 started with a final rehearsal at the Vor Frue church in Copenhagen.

Later that day Mary & the others would also attend an official reception at Parliament and at night there was the big pre-wedding gala concert.

Per Thornit was present at the rehearsal.

... and so were John Donaldson, Jane Stephens, Patricia Bailey, their kids and Amber Petty.

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